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Description- Score Cards and Consulting - An Unbeatable Combination
Description- Now that there are indications that the economy is improving the internal demand for organization performance data is increasing. Not just more numbers, but the details behind numbers. Proof. Everyone - analysts, the market, the government are all going to be a lot more careful and demanding. The practice
Optimizing Individual Performance in Work and Life
Description- There is no direct link between talent and performance
Profiles of an Individual, Duo or Group that May Not Have Received the Recognition They Deserve
Description- Recognizing and celebrating all professionals
Analyzing or Applying Numbers to a Problem or Situation
Description- In an overwhelming avalanche of information, true answers can be much harder to find. Calculation is essential.
Description- Calculating Total Compensation Recruited, Staffing Efficiency, and other vital benchmarks
A Place to Share Particularly Meaningful Quotes or Tips
Description- True genius lies in the ability to make things simpler, not more complex
Commentary by Nick Burkholder
Description- Owning up to mistakes before they become major issues
Description- How to act appropriately when the victim of unfair situations